How many times have you ever thought “how to make more money“? Whether you are trying to pay a debt, save money or increase your income for a better life, there are many ways to answer the question “how to make more money?”.
Depending on your skills, your area and your time, you can choose new opportunities at your place of work or look at other new jobs.
Everyone has their own interests and abilities. And most importantly, you have to find yourself an interesting job that you love and it fits you. Then, the money earned will be unlimited, until you run out of passion.

I was able to earn an extra $ 41,000 in 8 months (in addition to the main job) by using some of the ideas that are suitable for myself in this article.

Get started right away with the following ways to earn extra money:

1. Freelance writer
You are able to write and want to make money in your spare time after work? You can create a website with ads and links, then blogging can become a useful money making job if you have many loyal viewers wanting to read what you write.
In addition, if you find it difficult to build yourself a blog with enough views, you can write an article for the businesses or magazines. If you have knowledge in a certain field and the ability to write convincingly, you can receive a substantial royalty.
Have a good book idea? Get started right now to write an eBook, sell it on Amazon and see how well it goes.

2. Conduct online surveys.
Use your free time to participate in online surveys. Through Survey Junkie, etc. you will receive a certain amount of money when completing surveys on the site. If you are in the US, you get money through Pay Pal or eGIftCards.
-Take part in an online jury: Your job is to help lawyers determine the attitudes of the public and the value of the case at eJury.

3. Buy and resell items with bargain prices.
Visit Ebay or Craigslist, one day there are millions of items for sale, if you are a meticulous person, who enjoy examining items, try to buy items that seem to be at lower price than its worth and sell it for a higher price. This also requires experience, remember to consider shipping fee and avoid items that are hard to sell.

4. Become a photographer
If you are really confident in your photography skills, or if your pictures on social networks are often responded to enthusiastically, think about the day you might become an amateur photographer. . Take photos for any event or individual, charging a smaller amount of money than studios. If your photos are beautiful, more people will know about you. The cost of a camera is not too high.

And you already have beautiful photos, try sending them to sites like Shutterstock, iStock. You will receive a sum of money on each photo downloaded from the distributor.

5. Create a youtube video
Making money online is a very popular trend. Youtube will pay based on your video views. Get started with a unique Youtube channel, right now.

6. Pets care
There are many homeowners who go to work or vacation and do not want their pets to be home alone, so you can apply for it because it’s easy, just feed them and take them for a walk every day.

7. Virtual Assistant
Many small companies hire virtual assistants online to help them with daily needs such as arranging services for business owners. My friend is a freelance assistant, and she earns $ 10,000 a month. She even started an online course to help others do so.

8. Rent your car / parking / room
You have a very rarely used car, consider renting a car by day and the weekend to get a sum of money, which would otherwise be wasted.
Similar to your parking space, if you have a free parking space, look for a rental parking service here: Just Park.
Does your house always leave some rooms uninhabited? Rent your vacant rooms for a few hundred dollars a month. Try to find room rental service here: Airbnb

9. Sell ​​food, bottled water at events
Buy food, bottled water in bulks and cater them at major local festivals. The price of each bottle will be about $ 10.

10. Selling handmade products
You are skilled and have a passion for making handmade items? Congratulations! Your passion can make money. There is a page for you to sell handmade items from bracelets, flower pots, hand knitting and so on

How to make more money? As you can see, there are many ways to earn extra cash. Start trying one or more of the above, do not let anyone or anything else hold you back.